Hey, I wrote a book

Hey friends, thank you for visiting this new site! I am so excited to tell you - I wrote a book!

It releases on June 26th, but if you pre-order it you will receive some rad free stuff. Free stuff is great.

You already know the journey I have been on - raised in church, had a career centered in faith, had it all crash - this book is about all of that. It’s about being born into a tribe, feeling completely lost within that tribe, then having a massive perspective shift and how that shift often comes from painful event. But here’s the thing…it’s those events that open our eyes. 

Many of you follow me on Instagram and know what a scrumptious and wild squish our Lucie is, and how she loves to party ALL night. But when she was first born, I completely crumbled. I was terrified and blind about so much because not only did she have two heart defects, but my husband and I were in the middle of losing friends, losing a career, and losing what felt like the very ground beneath our feet. But Lucie’s birth unearth this other side of life, really, it flipped everything right side up, we just had to learn how to see it that way.  So the book talks about my shift in perspective and what I see now.

It would be an honor if you would give the book a read and if you do and I see you in person, I'll be sure to give you a high five or a good hug. If you pre-order it now, you will receive one new original songs by yours truly (with special guest Amanda Sudano-Ramirez from Johnny Swim), plus get access to the opening chapters of the book so you can start reading now. To receive the free song and two chapters, e-mail your pre-sale receipt to "itslisagungor@gmail.com" and we will send them yoI have to say, I LOVE the song and book and I am so excited to share it with you all!

I'm grateful for you and sending you love - Lisa