Sacred Feminine Retreat

Thank you so much for your interest in the Sacred Feminine Retreat! Without giving it all away, we want you to know more about what you might expect in order to make an informed decision. Here are some details to help you decide if you would like to join us…

Retreat Overview:

The focus of the Sacred Feminine retreat is embodiment – embodying our spirituality and our femininity as we create a new narrative as individuals and as a group. This retreat is about joining things that were never meant to be apart: the mind and body, our power and our vulnerability, the “self” and the “other.” We will learn, discuss, and experience what it means to be an embodied woman in this world at this time. We invite you to join us (Lisa Gungor and Hillary McBride) and an intimate group of 20-30 other women, as we reflect, breathe, learn, and move our way to the awareness of the Sacred Feminine within us all.

The retreat will formally begin around 5pm on Friday April 17th, but you are welcome to arrive anytime after 1pm. The retreat will end at 4pm on Monday April 20th. If you plan to attend, we will ask you to be there until 4pm on Monday.  During the retreat, we will offer meditations, movement, trauma sensitive yoga, reflection, sharing, and embodied therapeutic work. This will not be physically strenuous, and you will be encouraged to go at your own pace and to listen to your body. There are varying opportunities and levels of participation to create the invitation to choose.  All of the practices we are doing are meant to stimulate the heart, mind, and body. There will be some group therapeutic pieces (often called process work in therapy language) which will be discussed in more detail if you decide to join.


For this retreat, the dates are April 17- 20, 2020.


The retreat cost is $1300 USD for the four days. This includes accommodations plus dinner Friday night, breakfast Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings. 


Ancient monastery in Lubriano, Italy.


On-site accommodations are included in the cost of the retreat. We have reserved a number of beds on-site and in the town (about a 5 minute walk). We will inform you of where you are staying when you arrive for the retreat and can not provide further information about accommodation prior to the retreat as we are renting private buildings from residents of the village. All accomodation will have hot water and heating. But be prepared, many of the buildings are 300 - 400 years old. 

If you prefer to reserve your own accommodation in the surrounding area you are welcome to do so at your own cost. If you are planning to reserve your own accommodations, please inform us at the time of booking. 

After payment and before the retreat: 

In the past, we have found that there are some things that are helpful for us to know about you, and some things for you to know about the retreat to make sure you have the best possible experience. A brief questionnaire will be sent to you upon registration regarding how you can best prepare for the retreat, and how we can get to know you better. This email will also provide a very basic outline of what will happen over the course of the retreat.

Communication with other women: 

For each retreat, a private facebook group is created – this can help retreat participants get to know each other before the weekend, or collaborate on transportation, accommodation, resources, etc. In the past, women have found these groups helpful for feeling a sense of safety and community with each other before the retreat begins. The group will also be particularly helpful for coordinating travel arrangements.


 Dietary restrictions will be accommodated for group meals. We will be asking more about this in the pre-retreat questions we send to you after registration.

Cancellation Policy and Payment details: 

If you are ready to register, send us an email at, and we will create an invoice for you to pay for the retreat either in full (including a $500 dollar non-refundable deposit) or in two chunks ($500 dollar non-refundable deposit, and $800 dollars a few months later).

No refunds are given for cancellations made 60 days before the retreat. All but $500 will be refundable if a cancellation occurs 60 days or more before the retreat begins. 

Space is limited to apx 24 women for this retreat. We would love for you to join us! If you decide to join, we will send you a link for payment.  After payment has been received, you will receive a confirmation e-mail detailing how you can begin to prepare for the retreat.

Post-Retreat Add-on:

We know that for many of us who will be attending the retreat it will be a long way to travel. We are hosting this retreat in partnership with Heather Deyo, whose family owns the property on which the retreat will be held. For those who want to stay longer and engage in more content, rest, and play, Heather has been organizing a retreat to occur on the property April 21-25th with a yoga instructor. This retreat will include mind/body work, and yoga, as well as time learning about Italian Art, History, and Wine. If you register for the Sacred Feminine retreat, more information will be provided to you in a follow-up email about how to stay longer for this other 4 day event. Although Hillary and Lisa will not be attending this second event, it may be of interest for those of you who want to get more out of your time in stunning Lubriano. 

Last words: 

These retreats have been life-changing for us. While we are facilitating these retreats, we are joining with you, not just leading you. We have found we are not the only teachers – you are as well. Beautiful things happen when a group of women show up with the intention of loving themselves and each other. So many of us have learned to dampen or fear our power, we have learned to compete with each other as if there is only a certain amount of “enough-ness” to go around. But we are stronger together, and we are most powerful when we are not hiding ourselves, but learning to fully inhabit ourselves; to experience the divine in the here and now, and to support each other as women towards that journey. We trust that every woman who is able to attend has something to offer that specific group that would not be there if she was not present. We hope you are one of these women, as we know we all will have much to learn from you and with you. 

All the love to you!

Hillary and Lisa